Stuck Mouthpieces

Stuck mouthpieces in brass instruments, such as trumpets, are a common problem almost every brass player has dealt with once if not many times during their time as a player. We will pull stuck mouthpieces for free to encourage people not to use pliers and other tools to pull the mouthpiece. We have a tool that will pull almost any mouthpiece out of any horn without doing the damage other methods can.

Commonly pliers or some other types of tools are used to try to pull a stuck mouthpiece. Sometimes people will even put a mouthpiece in a clamp to try to pull the mouthpiece out. In the lucky chance the mouthpiece is loose enough for this to work there will be marks on the mouthpiece from the tool used to hold it. Most of the time these marks are pretty nasty.

Often times the mouthpiece doesn’t give up without a fight and the horn will be damaged. I have seen broken solder joints, twisted braces and lead pipes, and even lead pipes torn in half. In most of these cases the mouthpiece was still stuck in the horn. Brass is not a particularly strong metal and brass instruments are typically rather thin with a soft temper in the metal. The force needed to pull a stuck mouthpiece can easily be enough to tear the instrument apart and not applied correctly.

So if you cannot get a mouthpiece out with your bare hands bring it to us and we will pull it for free. Most of the time it takes less than 5 minutes to pull a mouthpiece. If you do not live nearby then take the instrument to a reputable repair shop. Even if you have to pay to get the piece pulled it will be far cheaper than breaking an instrument and still having the mouthpiece stuck in the horn.