Meet the Repair Guy

David Schottle is committed to providing superior and quality woodwind repair service in the North Texas area. His attention to detail and precision has earned accolades from colleagues and clients alike.

He has been involved in the music business since he was 15 years old, from playing, to retail and manufacturing and now repairs and sales of new and used instruments.

David’s marching band experience in high school helped create his understanding of the care required maintaining an instrument exposed to the elements.

His Associate’s music degree from Harper College in Palantine, Illinois adds a deeper level of knowledge concerning the music world that he adds to his repair repertoire.

David’s involvement in the touring band “The Rhythm Rockets” from Chicago honed his professional saxophone expertise and gives him great insight into the needs of the professional and advanced student.

Music aficionados should take note that David did research and development for six years at L.A.Sax where he designed the “Saxtech” neck for saxophone, their straight alto and tenor saxophones, as well as redesigned the Orsi sopraninos, bass and contra-bass saxophones imported under the L.A.Sax name.

Currently, Dave takes great pleasure in problem solving at the repair shop he has owned in Carrollton for seventeen years. Instruments can break in any number of ways and a lot of creative thinking goes into fixing them. David has also turned a tenor sax into a straight sax and made some other equally fascinating creations.

“I love to revive instruments that others have given up on,” said Dave as he starts dreaming of the next challenge that might come through his repair shop door.