The Cork Healer

Artisanal sustainable cork grease handcrafted using only high quality organic and natural plant derived oils with beeswax to provide superior hydration to your cork. Proper hydration of the cork allows for maximum flexibility in compression which is critical in the prevention of cracking and flaking of the cork. The Cork Healer Cork Grease does not degenerate the structure of the cork fibers over time the way that petroleum does making it a more sustainable choice for the long term life of the cork, your wallet and the environment.

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Au Naturel cork grease is high quality organic and natural plant derived oils with beeswax.

Meditations cork grease adds an aroma-therapeutic dimension to your practice with the deep scents of Sandalwood and Frankincense, for the eccentric in you.

Using the highest quality organic essential oil of lavender and lemon, Interstellar cork grease lightens and brightens the senses for an aroma-therapeutic treatment as you play.