Holiday Shopping

     Holiday time leaves people scrambling for the perfect gift for their spouse or child.We get many calls this time of year of people who want to refurbish an instrument to give for a gift. We love this idea and are eager to help.
     We will do our best to help you achieve your goal but to properly restore an instrument takes time and time is always a bit limited in December.
     One thing we might suggest is we start the work and you can wrap up a new accessory like a mouthpiece or pack of reeds to give as a gift and then tell them the horn is being restored.
     We encourage you to support the love of music and we are happy to help.
     This is a great time of year to bring in your attic instruments (or grandpa's loaner or your old band gear) for conditioning or to look at the large selection of used instruments we have for sale. All our instruments come with a 90 day guarantee and you can try them in the shop, along with our used mouthpieces too!